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I'm going to look at three services in this article:.

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This service lets your server keep copies of updates and apps you download to your Macs and iOS devices. These devices don't need to be configured; they automatically discover the server, and downloads go through the server, are stored there, then get passed on to the devices. If you have more than one Mac or iOS device, any apps or updates you download will be cached , or stored on the server, so the other devices don't need to download them. This saves you time and bandwidth. However, for iOS devices, this only works with updates for the exact same model of a device; a cached update to iOS for your iPad won't work on your iPhone, and an iPhone 6s update won't work on an iPhone SE.

All you need to do to turn this on is click "Caching" in the sidebar, and toggle the switch to On. You can also choose to cache iCloud Data, if you wish. At the bottom of the Caching pane, you choose how much space you want the cache to use. As you can see in the below image, my server is currently using So you could set, say, 50 GB for caching, and be more than comfortable. You may not need to use the File Sharing service, but if you want a centralized storage location for files on your network, you can activate this service.

Click "File Sharing" in the sidebar, toggle the switch to On, and then add folders in the Shared Folders section. You can connect one or more external drives to your server, so you can have virtually unlimited storage for your files. I use it, among other things, for my video collection, using Plex. This software runs on my server, and allows me to view videos on my Apple TV, my Macs, my iOS devices, and even remotely.

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OS X Server lets you back up your Macs over your network to the server. So if you have one or more laptops in your household, you can set them to back up automatically to Time Machine on the server, rather than worrying about connecting external hard drives to them for backups. Click "Time Machine" in the sidebar, toggle the switch to On, and then choose a destination. If you can, devote an entire external hard drive to Time Machine; the more space you provide to Time Machine, the more backups it will be able to store. On each of the Macs you want to back up, open the Time Machine pane of System Preferences, click Select Disk, and you'll see that the Mac automatically shows you the Time Machine disk on the server.

Select it, and your backups will go to the server. You can manage the server's specific services using the Server app, but there are other management tasks you may need to perform, such as installing software updates or managing files. Double-click the server, and then click "Share Screen. One thing I find useful is to use a display emulator on my server; it's a tiny dongle that I plug into the HDMI port, which changes the resolution so it's easier to see.