It's still in wide use today by many developers, and has been one of the best Windows-based editors over the years. Syntax highlighting, code auto-complete, and code collapsing also called code folding makes navigating through and editing code easy. It's tabbed document interface, which allows you to work on more than one file at a time , split views, and it's powerful built-in FTP functionality means working with documents is fast, intuitive, and easy.

You can download it right here or learn more about it here. This simple to use editor can't handle web languages beyond HTML, CSS, PHP, and a few others, but as small business owners who are managing our own websites, that's really all we need anyway. CoffeeCup HTML Editor boasts many of the standard features you'd expect from a capable code editor—code completion, highlighting, and other standard-issue features.

However, it also includes built-in code validation meaning, it'll catch errors in your code as you edit and a built-in browser preview. The browser preview feature is very cool, allowing you to click within the preview to be taken directly to the corresponding code. Pretty slick! Or, learn a bit more about it over here. Windows-only honourable mentions: There are of course many, many more code editors that are available for Windows.

If you want a few additional recommendations to check out, two honourable mentions that come to mind are Intype and Notepad 2. You could also check out this Wikipedia article which lists out many more Windows-based code editors. Okay, with our Windows-only code editors out of the way, we shouldn't leave our Mac users out in the rain. Now let's take a look at a few code editors for the Mac Alright, now on to our Mac OSX code editors. As with the Windows-only code editors, I have two free options for you, as well as a paid code editor. At the end of this section, I'll list out some honourable mentions too.

15 Best Free Code Editors for Windows & Mac [ Update]

Let's check 'em all out! TextEdit is a bit of an oddity, because it can be set up either as a word processor or a plain text editor, depending on how you have it's Preferences set. I actually use TextEdit in plain text mode a lot—but not for web design. I use it as my primary note-taking and research tool.

When I'm researching, I simply want a fast, simple way to organize thoughts, snippets of information, URLs, and other bits of information. But for editing code, a few additional features can make all the difference! In plain text mode, TextEdit has no line numbers, no code complete It'll save my posterior in a pinch, but because it lacks so many features that are standard in other applications, I'll stick to using TextEdit for note-taking. You can read a bit more about TextEdit right here. At the time of this writing, Coda is my go-to code editor of choice. I've used it for years and years, and it's even been featured in a few Ten Ton courses!

In fact, Coda was even used to help build this very website! I am, however, looking into some alternatives, which I'll discuss below. Behind Coda's clean, intuitive interface is a huge array of powerful tools, features, and customizable options. Let's get the easy stuff out of the way first: Code highlighting which makes it easy to distinguish between HTML, CSS, PHP, and other languages , code auto-completion, and line numbers—these are all standard features that we'd expect from a code editor, and they're all in there.

It's easier than you think

Coda's uncluttered interface and integrated FTP allows you to edit files directly on a live web server. Digging a bit deeper, Coda's tabbed interface and split views allow us to work on multiple files at once, and even view two or more parts of the same document simultaneously. Coda also boasts code validation, a handy Clips panel that allows us to save and reuse pre-created blocks of code, and a wide array of plug-ins to extend it's capabilities further.

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Another nice feature is Coda's built-in browser preview, which makes viewing changes fast and easy. But what really sets Coda apart is it's file management and built-in FTP capabilities. This allows you to connect to your live website and edit files directly on your web server. I'd say Coda is the best Mac-only code editor currently available.

New! in Coda 2

On the downside, Coda doesn't have code-collapse which drives me crazy , no multiple cursors, and it can often feel slow and sluggish. Truth be told, as awesome as Coda is, I'm now looking to a few of the newer cross-platform editors which we'll discuss below.

A few of them are really giving Coda a run for it's money. That said, for Mac users Coda is a solid choice. Find out more about Coda and download it's free trial right here. And you can learn more about Coda over here. TextWrangler is the free, easy to use version of BBEdit. Despite being an older editor, TextWrangler is still a popular choice among Mac users.

It's feature-rich, intuitive interface includes standard items like line numbers, code collapse, and syntax highlighting. It's big, stand-out feature is it's file browser and FTP capabilities. Much like Coda, TextWrangler will allow you to open, edit, and save files that reside on your web server. It also boasts an advanced search and replace command, which allows you to work across multiple files.

TextWrangler comes packed with features, including the ability to work with files directly off a live web server. On the downside, TextWrangler lacks a few features that come standard in other code editors—extras like code snippets, code completion, browser preview, and multiple cursors are all missing. However, TextWrangler is extendible and customizable via AppleScript.

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And many pre-existing scripts can be downloaded and installed to add these features. Needless to say, give TextWrangler a closer look. It just might feel right for you and your business. You can find out more and download it right here. Wikipedia has some info on it too. Mac-only honourable mentions: As with code editors for Windows, there are plenty of other Mac code editors available. If you want to explore a few more, check out the aforementioned BBEdit.

You can also check out TextMate and UltraEdit. Alright, so there's our Mac-only list of code editors. As I mentioned above, I'm sure there's one or two stand-outs that you think'll work in your business. But up next is my favourite part of this tutorial, cross-platform code editors.

Let's check 'em out As I mentioned way back at the beginning, I definitely think you'll find one or two cross-platform editors that you'll want to take a closer look at. Cross-platform simply means that the software will work on both Windows and Mac computers. Once again, we have two free options and one paid application, plus some honourable mentions. There are some powerful editors listed in this section, so let's see what we have!

I'm gonna start by saying this: Atom is awesome! As I mentioned above, with Coda missing a few key features and feeling a little sluggish, I decided to check out a code editor that's been gaining more and more popularity, Atom. Atom is a free and open source, cross-platform code editor. Since putting it through it's paces, I'm incredibly impressed. Compared with other code editors listed here, Atom is very new being released in the summer of and already droves of designers, developers, and DIYers like you and I are switching over.

10 Best Text Editors for Mac

Atom being free and open source, with a simple, intuitive interface is more than enough to get a lot of people on board. But Atom is so much more than that. Let me begin by explaining Atom packages. A package, very simply, is just a plug-in that extends Atom's capabilities. But really, Atom is just a collection of various packages that all run simultaneously. This means you can pick and choose the commands and features that you want to be a part of the application.

My Top 5 Free Text Editors For Web Development

Don't want code completion? Uninstall that function.