Transfer Android Files to Mac via Bluetooth

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URL Name. The Sharing system preferences screen appears. If necessary, click the lock and enter your password. Finally, check internet Sharing on the left. You will get the following prompt assuming Internet Sharing wasn't already on. Click the Start button and ensure that Internet Sharing is on. Turn WiFi off. Turn Bluetooth on.

How Do I Send Files Between My MacBook and My Android Phone Using Bluetooth?

In the shot below, the necessary settings are shown on an iOS Device. Select Set Up Bluetooth Device. Select the device and then click Continue. The pairing screen appears with the pairing code. On the iPad, click the modal box that appears to authorize the pairing. Take note that the code is the same otherwise you're pairing to the wrong connection!

In the Devices list, tap the paired device's name e. Turning on Bluetooth and Pairing an Android Device The sequence is a little different on Android because the mobile device has to be made accessible to the Mac desktop as a separate step, which also initiates the pairing sequence between the Mac and the Android device.

Make sure your phone is within 30 feet of your computer so the Bluetooth signal is strong while you transfer the photos. Press the menu button on your phone and navigate to "Settings," then "Connectivity" and then "Bluetooth. Select "Enable" and "Visible.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Share Internet Connection to Macbook Pro via Bluetooth

Enable Bluetooth on your computer if it isn't already turned on. You should see the Bluetooth icon, a stylized letter B, in your toolbar near the system clock.

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Enter the Exchange PIN code on both devices if prompted. Some phones will not prompt you and will automatically pair. The default Samsung pass code is A Bluetooth dialog box opens on your computer when the pairing is complete. Your Android device will show up, from which you can click Send File to Device.

How to Connect Your Mobile to a PC Using Bluetooth

On your Android device, accept the file. In this example, it goes to the Downloads folder. After you set up Bluetooth Sharing on your Mac, go to your Android device and click the share icon. The file will go to the folder you specified in Bluetooth Sharing on your Mac. Now you can move files between your Mac and Android device without cables and third-party software.

I can transfer to my desktop mac computer and there is no network on it at this time either.

Pairing Android Devices

It will not recieve Bluetooth files from my desktop mac either. Says the same error msg. Plug your android phone into your mac with a USB 2. Go into notifications Slide finger down from top revealing notifications 3. It will reset the security feature.

When you get this error about network even on just remove the device from the list and re-pair. Not everyone knows what that is… so a screenshot or something would be nice here. Thanks so very much. Is there any workaround for this error??